Mitsubishi Outlander
6 September 2017

Fantastic nature revealed its secrets to make the magic a reality for Mitsubishi.

25th frame
28 August 2017

17th professional competition in television advertising “25th frame”

Hyundai Solaris Сrash Test
20 July 2017

Extreme crash test from focus films for Hyundai Solaris

Hyundai Solaris Product Video
12 July 2017

New Hyundai Solaris in detail.

Belka Car
10 July 2017

We learned all the advantages of the BelkaCar service and shared our new video

«Bon Pari Koshmariki» – Nestle
20 June 2017

Summer in the city and our new work for ice cream “Bon Pari Koshmariki” from Nestle.

Making of Hyundai Solaris-Message
8 June 2017

Making of Hyundai Solaris-Message

Hyundai Solaris – Message
17 May 2017

Focus Films Moscow as part of an advertising campaign for the new Hyundai Solaris

Hyundai Solaris
9 March 2017

New Hyundai Solaris campaign, photographed by Pierre Pironet and retouched by Sylvain Payelle, who are both exclusively represented by Focus Films Moscow in Russia.

6 March 2017

Biathlon champions, Victoria Slivko and Anton Shipulin star in ADIDAS winter collection photo campaign by Focus Films Moscow and TBWA.

15 February 2017

Our new project for Rosneft

4 February 2017

Yuliya Efimova is a Russian swimmer, three-time prize-winner of Olympic games, quadruple world champion, three-time European champion and honored master of sports of Russia in our new photo project.

“Metropolis” New Year
30 December 2016

Our New Year project for Metropolis Shopping Centre with TBWA Agency. Happy New Year!

Metropolis Shopping Centre
22 December 2016

New Year project for Metropolis Shopping Centre with TBWA agency.

Nescafé Gold Cappucino
29 September 2016

Our new work for Nescafé

Nestle 48 Kopeek
29 August 2016

Our second TVC for new ice-cream Nestle “48 Kopeek – Mo” from australian director Peter Maguire.

Hyundai Creta
24 August 2016

For Hyundai Russia.

“Rag union”
18 August 2016

“Rag union”. Already on the big screen!

48 kopeek
18 August 2016

Let us present you the first of the two new videos for ice cream “Nestle 48 kopeek” made by australian director Peter Maguire.

25th frame
18 August 2016

Has won the nomination “The original music and sound design” on the competition of television advertising “25th frame”.

10 August 2016
Hyundai Elantra
10 June 2016

New TVC for Hyundai Elantra

Making of Nissan
27 May 2016

Making of Nissan # You create the game

Hyundai Solaris
29 April 2016

For Hyundai Solaris

“Rag union”
17 March 2016

“Rag union”

Samsung Galaxy A
20 February 2016

Promotional video of the new smartphone Samsung Galaxy A in 2016 with the participation of Timati – already on…

4 February 2016

Our new animation work – commercial for the product “Limak” based on the legendary cartoon “The Adventures of Captain Vrungel”…

Hyundai Solaris
3 February 2016

On the occasion of the anniversary sale Hyundai Solaris in Russia we took seven touching and very real stories from actual…

Making of Ravon
3 February 2016

Director ‘kitchen and tricks of the trade from the legendary Nigel Simpkissa, one of the authors of the cult car show TopGear.