Tim Mantoani

Tim Mantoani picked up his first camera in high school and never let go. From attending the Brooks Institute of Photography, to managing the studio of renowned photographic educator Dean Collins, to opening Mantoani Studio in 1995, shooting photos has been Tim’s lifelong passion and profession. It’s led him to producing editorial imagery for Sports Illustrated, Newsweek and ESPN, as well as advertising photography for Coors, Coca-Cola, EA Sports, Oakley and more international brands. His love of the process most recently led to tracking down and photographing the shooters behind some of the world’s most iconic images with his celebrated Behind Photographs project.
“Every one sees the world differently. Through their own lens. I’m lucky that mine happens to be attached to a camera. To me, that’s the most exciting and rewarding thing about photography and film. Capturing a vision that’s uniquely yours and sharing it.” – Tim Mantoani.